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The training of specialists in the specialty of "Pharmacy" it was started since 2010. The training is carried out only on a full-time basis; the standard term for mastering the basic educational program is five years. Upon graduation from the faculty, a qualification of pharmacist is assigned. The object of the pharmacist's professional activity are medicines used for the treatment of diseases as well as for diagnostics, prevention, rehabilitation and hygiene.
In accordance with the qualification of the specialty 330501 - "Pharmacy", a graduate pharmacist must be prepared for active creative professional pharmaceutical work in the fields of drug circulation, including research, development, production, packaging, storage, transportation, state registration, certification, standardization and control quality, sale, advertising, use and destruction of drugs that have become unusable.
Theoretical foundations, principles and methodological approaches employed in professional activities are used by the pharmacist in the field of circulation of homeopathic, para-pharmaceutical, medical-cosmetic and veterinary medicines, biologically active supplements and natural products.
 The types of professional activity of a graduate pharmacist are:

  • Industrial (pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, combines, etc.);
  • organizational and managerial;
  • control and permissive (licensing, certification, registration);
  • general pharmaceutical practice (small-scale pharmacy chain, rural pharmacies);
  • information and educational;
  • Research.

The graduate pharmacist is prepared for the following tasks:
  • Development, testing and registration of medicines, optimization of existing medications based on modern technologies, biopharmaceutical research and control methods in accordance with the international system of requirements and standards.
  • Production of medicinal substances and medicinal products by pharmaceutical enterprises (pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, etc.), including the organization of the technological process, the selection of technological equipment, ensuring the correct storage conditions.
  • Carrying out professional pharmaceutical activities in the field of control and licensing system.
  • Organization and implementation of procurement, acceptance of medicinal plant materials, determination of resources of wild medicinal plants.
  • Quality control of medicines and medicinal plants at the stages of development, production, usage and storage.
  • Development of regulatory documents governing the conditions, manufacturing technology, quality control and storage of medications.
  • Management of the activities of pharmaceutical organizations and institutions, including the organization of the management process in the main links of the pharmaceutical market, management of the activities of pharmaceutical enterprises, the implementation of the functions of pharmaceutical enterprises, planning of key indicators and areas of the activity, the organization of management and financial accounting, carrying out a marketing research of medical and pharmaceutical products.
  • Providing advisory assistance to specialists of medical -preventive, pharmaceutical institutions as well as to the population on the use of medicines.
  • Conducting chemical and toxicological studies.
  • Organization and implementation of drug supply and first-aid medical care to the patients and victims in extreme situations.
  • Implementation of educational, vocational and scientific-practical work in the above mentioned areas.

Opportunities for continuing education of a graduate-pharmacist who has mastered the basic educational program of higher professional education in the specialty 060108 "Pharmacy": the graduate is prepared to continue his education in internship and postgraduate studies under the programs of postgraduate professional education.
The first graduation of the chair (department) was in 2015.




Grigoryan Anna

PhD, Assistant professor


Education (years of study, university/institute, faculty and specialization by diploma):  

1991-1996      Chemistry Department of Yerevan State University, Chemistry-pedagogue.

1997-2001   Post-graduate Student, Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of  
                       Sciences of Republic of Armenia.

Professional experience (Position, Degree):
2019 to present         Head of Department of General and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Russian – Armenian (Slavonic) University
2019                           Institute of Pharmacy of Yerevan State University (supernumerary)
2017 to present          International Bachelor Diploma Program, Chemistry teacher

2010 to present           Senior Research Fellow of Basic research laboratory “Creating of        agricultural pesticides and quality control” National Polytechnic University of Armenia;

2008 to 2018 of July    Assistant Professor Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar

2005 to 2010                Research Fellow of Department of Chemical Technologies and
                                    Environmental Engineering (Chem Tech &EE), State Engineering                           University of Armenia (SEUA)
2003 to 2008             Associate Professor, Faculty of Fundamental Ecology of Armenian-                            Russian Institute of Ecology, Economy and Law. Yerevan Campus of   International  Independent University of Ecology and Politology  (IIUEP, c. Moscow).
2001 to 2005             Research Fellow, Laboratory of Natural Compounds of the Institute of    
                                  Organic Chemistry, NAS RA.

1997-2000                  Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Organic Chemistry NAS RA.

Specialization by PhD. diploma (Title of PhD. thesis):

 Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (IOC NAS RA).
Title of PhD thesis “Regio- and Stereocontrolled Cyclization of Polyhalogenhexenoic Acids into Cyclobutane Derivatives”.
PhD programme started from 1 of September of 1997 and finished 1 of December of 2001 Year
Defense of thesis took place in 16 of May 2005 year.
Fellowships ( sponsors, dates, place and type of fellowship):
  • 02.03.2018 Member of the Armenian Association of Biochemists (AAB) Constituent Member of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)
  • 15.06.15 - 26.06.15 Yerevan State Medical University after Mkh. Heratsi  Department of qualification and raising of lecturers
  • 2011    ANSEF, Grant No. Chemorg-2339.
  • Participated in International Congress of Young Scientists, held in the Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia on April 13-14,2010  
  • ANSEF Grant for 2011. Number: chemorg-2339. Title: Synthesis of New Neuro- protective Drugs Based on Substituted Small Carbocycles. Preliminary estimation of physiological activities by docking studies and electrochemical measurements.
  • Research Grant 276, Award of Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Armenia, 2008-2010.Title: Elaboration of universal technologies for utilization of halogen-organic waste into physiologically active compounds.
  • Award of Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Armenia, Grant №. 0453,  2005- 2008 years                                                      
  • National Science and Education Fond (ANSEF), Grant №. 05-PS-chemog-814-116, 2005 year.                                                                                 
  • „Towards the International Scientific Collaboration” organized by Bioecomed NGO 24-26 November 2003 in Yerevan was awarded the prize for the best  oral presentation. I won 1 free membership of learning and information center valid for 1 year from British Council in Armenia 01.12. 2003-01.12.2004. see
  • Armenian National Science and Education Fond (ANSEF), Grant №. NS-75-01. 2002 year.
Educational and Methodological Basis of Environmental Education in Pre-School and Secondary School: Problems and Prospects. Workshop, sponsor: Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City Association. Funding Provider: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Yerevan, December 6, 2001 year. 

Scientific interests

  • Organotransition metal complexes in organic synthesis
  • stereocotrolled radical transformations of coordinated molecules
  • new synthetic methodologies
  • synthesis and structure determination of natural bioactive molecules
  • computer modeling, and docking analysis via AutoDock program
  • drag design

List of publications

  • 1Karapetyan H.A., Tamazyan R.A., Mikaelyan A.R., Grigoryan A.M., Vardanyan A.S., NikoghosyanL.Zh. // Single crystal X-ray investigation of 1-,3-,6-trichloro-3,6-dimethylcycloheptanecarbonitrile and 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-dichlorohexane: the products of interaction of 2,5-dimethyl-1,5-hexadiene with trichloroacetonitrile. ZhurnalStrukturnoyKhimii 2008, Vol. 49, N 5, pp. 997-1000. Translated in: Journal of Structural Chemistry, Vol. 49, № 5, pp. 965-968. SpringerLink. (in English)
  • M. Melkonyan, L. Hunanyan, G. Zakaryan, A. Manukyan and A. Grigoryan “Oxidative modification of proteins in white rat blood under the acute acoustic stress conditions and α2- adrenoblocker administration” Abstracts, 37nd FEBS congress and 22th IUBMB conference, Vol. 27p, Suppl. 1,Seville, Spain, 4-9 September, 2012, p. 192
  • A.R. Mikaelyan, A.S. Vardanyan, G.G. Torosyan, A.M. Grigoryan, A.M. Hambardzumyan ,,Characterization of pyrethroid – ion channel interactions via cyclic voltammetric technique and docking analysis.”International Young Scientists Conference, Perspectives for development of Molecular and Cellular Biology-3. September 26-29, 2012, p.210 Yerevan, Armenia
  • Aram Mikaelyan, Nona Asatryan and Anna Grigoryan.”New Approaches for Synthesis of Halogen-containing Small Carbocycles: Convinent Building Blocks for Efficient Agrochemicals and Drugs” // The 3rd Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials-2014; ”Dream of Ubiquitous Smartness”; June 6-8, 2014. Chongqing Yuelai International Conference & EXPO Center, Chongqing, China, p. 278.
  • A. Mikaelyan, A. Grigoryan, and N. Asatryan. "New Approaches to Cu (I) Catalyzed ATRA/ATRC Reactions for Stereoselective Synthesis of Functional Substituted Small Carbocycles: Convenient Building Blocks for New Agrochemicals and Drugs", 2nd Russian Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, 6th Russian-Korean Conference "Current Issues of Biologically Active Compound Chemistry and Biotechnology", 2nd Youth School-Conference on Medicinal Chemistry, July 5-10, 2015, Novosibirsk, Russia. Oral presentation, MedChem 2015 Book of abstracts, p. 94.
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  • Melkonyan M.M., Hunanyan L.S., Harutyunyan H. A., Grigoryan A.M., Tovmasyan N.V., Pogosyan G. A., Zakaryan G. V., Manukyan A. L. “The effect of α2 adrenoblockers on the oxidation intensity in white rats blood under high level noise chronic action” The New Armenian Medical Journal Vol. 9, № 3, October 2015, Current Issues of Medical Science Conference Abstracts, p.26
  • Manukyan A. L., Grigoryan A.M.,Harutyunyan H. A., Melkonyan M.M., Hunanyan L.S., Ayvazyan L. M.“The effect of α2-adrenoblocker Beditin on oxidation intensity in white rats blood high level noise chronic action” The Sixth European Conference on Biology and Medical Sciences 10 th June, 2015, Vienna , p. 110
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  • Anna Grigoryan, Arthur Hambarzumyan, Aram Mikaelyan, MagdalinaMelkonyan “A comparative study of potential ligands to the developed model of Human Alpha2 adrenoceptor” // 4th Neurological Disorders Summit, Los Angeles, CA 90045, US, Oral presentation, Book of Abstracts, July 23-25, 2018, p.14
  • Anna Grigoryan, Bella Babayan, Magdalina Melkonyan, Arthur Hambarzumyan, Aram Mikaelyan “Identification of Binding Affinities of some Pyrethroid-like Cyclopropane/Cyclobutane Ligands with VG SCN and NMDA Receptor” // 4th Neurological Disorders Summit, Los Angeles, CA 90045, US, Poster presentation, Book of Abstracts, July 23-25, 2018, p.76
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Aleksandr P. Yengoyan

Doctor of Science, Professor

Armen A. Manukyan

Doctor of Science, Professor

Gevorg H. Danagulyan

Doctor of Science, Professor

Hrachya S. Ananikyan

PhD in chemistry

Liana Gabrielyan

PhD, Assistant professor